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Issue 1EN / 2011



Traditions and Perspectives for Development of Distance Education at the University of National and World Economy
      Prof. Vesselka Pavlova, Ph.D.

Screening Field of Dissertation
      Prof. Pano Lulanski, D.Sc.

About the Measures of Skewness and Kurtosis
      Assoc. Prof. Todor Kaloyanov, Ph.D.

The Failures of Credit Rating Agencies during the Global Financial Crisis – Causes and Possible Solutions
      Chief Assist. Prof. Dimitar Rafailov Ph.D.

The Political Changes in the Arabian Countries as Challenge for the Foreign Policy of the European Union (The Integration of Palestine and Lebanon as an Aberrant Move for Retaining the European Influence in the Region)
      Chief Assist. Prof. Georgi Chankov, Ph.D.

Short-Time Working Arrangements as a Measure for Staff Retaining During Economic Crisis
      Chief Assist. Prof. Todor Todorov, Ph.D.

Study of the Interaction and Harmonization in the Management of Human Resources (the Case of Large Industrial Companies in the Country)
      Assist. Prof. Stanka Koleva

Number of Loaders Optimization Serving the Warehouse Complex of Logistic System Taking into Account Their Repair
      G. I. Nechaev, I. A. Tararychkin, M. E. Slobodyanyuk

Progress of Virtual Teams in Albania
      Gloria Tyxhari Albana Gorishti Irena Malolli

The Actual Situation of Training Programs in Public and Private Sector in Albania Sonela Stillo, Ph.D.
      Gentisa Furxhi

Cash Flow Management as an Indicator of a Latent Crisis in the Company
      Ing. Maria Hudakova, Ph.D. Assoc. Prof. Ing. Jaroslav Slepecky, Ph.D.

The Basic Research of Income Distribution and Economic Growth in China
      Shi Yizhe

Financial Instruments for Funding the Cross Border Western Balkan Regions in the Period 2007-2013
      Chief Assist. Svetla Boneva, Ph.D.

  Book Review

New Identities in the International Arena
      Prof. Trendafil Mitev, D.Sc.

On the Unbeaten Track of New Sciences
      Prof. Boyan Durankev, Ph.D.


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